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PassNGuard (Award-Winning Software)
Compatible with Windows 7 Compatible with Windows 8 Compatible with Windows 10 Compatible with Windows Server

What is PassNGuard:

PassNGuard is a Professional Safe Password Generator/Keeper/Organizer tool which is used to generate highly secure passwords that are very difficult to crack or guess. It is capable of generating huge amounts of Cryptographically-Secure Passwords, Classical Passwords, Pronounceable Passwords, Pattern-Based Passwords, and Passphrases consisting of words from word lists. It uses a Military-Grade Encryption Algorithm (Rijndael 256-bits) to protect the Passphrases Database which is used by the US Department of Defense. PassNGuard provides lots of options to customize passwords to the users’ various needs.

Tired of remembering passwords? A Professional and Safe Password Manager like PassNGuard helps you store all your passwords in one secure place, where they are encrypted and accessible only to you. And also a Powerful built-in password generator helps you create strong passwords according to your needs.

In fact, PassNGuard is a software project that designed and programmed to let people have access to all their passwords and personal information at the same place while all security features are fully implemented.

Key Features:

  • PassNGuard is 100% Free for both <Personal> or <Commercial> purposes
  • Military-Grade Encryption Algorithm (AES Rijndael 256-bits) to protect the Passphrases Database
  • Full Unicode support
  • Stunning and Unique look and design with incredible functionality
  • No Installation Needed (Fully Portable Support)
  • No Need administrator rights. Allows running as a Normal/Limited User
  • Generation of huge amounts of passphrases at once
  • Generation of Passphrases consisting of words from word lists
  • Pronounceable Passwords (Perfect Solution to keep Passphrases in mind)
  • Pattern-based Password Generation (Endless Possibilities to Customize Passphrases to the user’s needs)
  • On-demand Special Symbols included into a password (~, !, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, (, ), comma, dot, =, +, <, >)
  • User's Master Passphrase which allows encrypting/decrypting the whole database
  • Powerful In-Memory Passwords Protection:    
    • The usernames and passwords are fully encrypted while the program is running in the background/foreground
    • Visual Decryptor Engine (Protects all Decrypted Database Records from being read on memory)
    • On-demand Database Encryption (Only the specific parts of database records that are being shown will be decrypted, but other parts stay encrypted)
  • Unique and Innovative Screen-Capture Protection (Avoids Malicious Softwares from capturing Screenshots or Videos from PassNGuard windows while the user is typing his/her Master-Passwords) Multi-Database system with elegance and ease! (an integrated data system composed of a collection of 2 or more autonomous databases)
  • Easy-to-Transfer Database (a fully encrypted Passphrase Database "*.pgdb" which can be moved easily. This makes it: Faster to access, more reliable and usable offline)
  • Clipboard Monitoring Engine to avoids leaking sensitive info, such as in-memory stored usernames and passphrases
  • Unique Seed Creator Algorithm for each generated password
  • Auto-Backup Database feature on adding/closing/modifying each record
  • Advanced Search Function Feature to seeking database records according to the user's needs.
  • Allows Unlimited Number of Entries to be stored in the database
  • and much more.

There is no video for this product.

Idgel Dome Instance v4.7 to v5.x

1) All Instance features and Mobs are fully coded and working retail like.

2) Full Drop Items (Kunax ArmorSet, WeaponSet, Accessories)

3) Boss Skills (Ide Scale, Aggressive Shot, Slaughtering Cleave, Cleaving Massacre, Howl of Emptiness, Fierce Roar (Full), ...)

4) Mobs Skills (Attack Skills vs. Heal and Rage Skills) even more accurate than NcSoft System

5) Instance BUFFs (Resurrection)

6) Environment Factors + Skills (Unstable Ide Energy, Ide Explosion, ...)

7) ShallowWater fully coded using new mathematics formula (It more accurate than NCSoft)

8) New AI System for controlling Boss and Mobs

9) New Tribe "Invulnerable" for Creatures (First time in Aion Emulators)

10) Chests (Aether Bomb, Freeze Bomb, Defensive Scroll)

11) Rewards (AbyssPoints, GloryPoints, Boxes, ...) with Config for each of them

12) Anti-Cheat System for Emulating Packets and getting more rewards (No one can trick to system)

13) All Hidden NPCs fully coded and implemented as Retail.

14) New Decomposable System for Drops v4.7+

15) any many more ...

AION Tools

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